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We are the Bandoh's

It was meant to be!

It happened AGAIN, guys! Can you believe we shot ANOTHER wedding at the same place that we got married?! I brag about all of our weddings and think they are all special in some way. But, I can't even lie and say that this one made me extremely excited and emotional to film because Bradley and I have been married for a little over a year now and have gotten to return to our special location for the second time for work! It'll always hold dear to our hearts!

Anyway, enough about us. Let's get to the details! I saw a request on Thumbtack for wedding videography in Greensboro, GA! The map location showed lake Oconee and had the same zip code as the mansion we WED in. So, I had a feeling in my spirit that they were going to be getting married as well - so I quickly reached out. Of course, it was an instant meant-to-be match because BAM! They immediately let me know that my assumptions were correct. I jumped on a quick call with the beautiful bride-to-be; Porschia. She and her soon-to-be husband Nana were pretty much sold as they booked with us about a week later. We were stoked and could not wait to capture their forever moments on film!

I was in awe at how much of a beautiful day it had turned out to be. The weather was warm, breezy, and PERFECT for an outdoor wedding. Their setup was just as amazing as their wedding planner/coordinator, Barbara! They had a dance floor, nicely decorated tables, and the DJ was really doing her thing there! It was rolling out to be the perfect day ever!

They WED right by the lake and the view was so dreamy, I am dying to share their video when it is finally complete. I think by now I have some bragging rights to the property.

You have this beautifully colored small mansion on a lake, that can house up to 40 people with 10 bedrooms and 10 baths. The land space is perfect for an outdoor wedding and they even have a beautiful, rustic, HUGE barn-styled garage to use for a reception!

Let's get to this lovely couple's bride and groom tribe. How fancy are they? I really enjoyed spending the day with them! Also, the colors they chose were perfect for an April wedding! Love, love, LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE! They were all so fun and made it all about Nana + Proschia!


I am a really big fan of simple/plain wedding cakes, but this one was really impressive because the bottom was a tree stump! OMG, can you believe it isn't a real tree stump? It's amazing and edible. How creative, the bakers did a phenomenal job with this delicious cake!



Well, this all pretty much wraps up our day with these newlyweds. As usual, we are so grateful for every opportunity that couples choose to trust us with preserving their precious memories. We wish this beautiful couple nothing but marital bliss in their future endeavors together as husband and wife. If you haven't booked a videography team yet, we'd love to have you on board with us and if you ask any of our past couples; they'll tell you that you won't regret it!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Bandoh!




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