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Lyndsay + Timothy



I got a call from Lyndsay one afternoon and we played phone tag for a bit trying to chat, but when we eventually connected - I knew that she and Timothy would be a great fit for us. They booked in a matter of days and we were elated to have them on board with us and reserve their date in our calendars. Something about them seemed so calm and pleasant! So, YAY!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

If you have been following our blogs for a while, then you would know that we get booked more out of state than we do locally. With that being said, we were more than happy to be attending the wedding of sweet Lyndsay + Timothy in our own backyard. They got married at the Roswell First Baptist Church (pictured above) that Lyndsay and her family had cherished and attended for years and conveniently had their reception next door at the Primrose Cottage. After a challenging start to our 2023, for various personal reasons, their lovely March wedding was a breath of local fresh air for us. We can't thank them enough for choosing us to capture their forever moments!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

The church was breathtaking. It was spacious with calm lighting and worked perfectly for them and their guests. Their wedding programs were a sweet keepsake as well for friends and family I'm sure. Just simple, yet elegant all around!


It's been a while since we've seen this many bridesmaids and groomsmen accompanying the newlyweds at the altar, but something about it just looked so perfect! I really loved the bridesmaids dressed in white and you can tell these two are loved and popular! Look how happy everyone was standing up there! They all look so overjoyed!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

What an absolutely stunning bride. Lyndsay's dress, hairstyle, etc. just make her shine in more ways than one! And while we're here, I am more than happy to give a shoutout to the amazing photographer working on their wedding that day whose name is Abby from Abby Byrd Photography. She and her assistant were so fun, professional, quick on their feet, and absolutely talented with the crowd. We really enjoyed working with them and hope to again in the future sometime!


After their beautiful ceremony concluded, we took a few short steps next door for the reception at the cottage. This house had many dimensions for guests to mingle and enjoy themselves for the cocktail hour and reception. I really enjoyed that there was ample space for us to maneuver around guests to get the best shots possible for the video.


copyright - Bradley Cinema

Just wanted to highlight some of the many adorable nooks this property has. I mean you wouldn't even know all of this was there standing at the front of the cottage. What I liked most was the garden that I'm sure comes full of life in the late spring and summer months. Their reception choice was a magnificent one and I could tell the guests agreed as well!


Here we have the wonderfully decorated gifts table with some timeless family photographs, how precious was this room?


By now you guys know I love to beat everyone to the cake station to make sure I can get some good video shots, so I was blown away at the elegance of this simple white wedding cake and Timothy's groom cake giving off some Mardi Gras vibes a bit. His family is from the good ole' town of New Orleans which is where Bradley's family is from as well, so it was nice to see those Louisiana vibes incorporated into their amazing wedding day. I just loved it all and being there!


The band for the night (BandX) definitely deserves a comment section of their own because they did so well with the crowd. Their voices were ones to remember and they worked so hard all night keeping the party vibes going. The newlyweds also had another band sneak in at the end of the reception for a New Orleans-styled second-line band march where they walk to trumpet music with an umbrella while everyone waves around napkins or handkerchiefs. Such a treat!



Every couple that chooses us to capture their forever moments on film adds a notch to our 'blessing belt.' When planning a wedding, you choose to trust so many vendors who were usually once strangers and that says a lot. But, when we deliver films and couples tell us they LOVED IT and CRIED - it makes all of the pressure, crucial editing, and hard work 1000% worth it every time. We wouldn't trade this at all EVER!

Congratulations again Lyndsay + Timothy




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