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Teyoni + Gantt



We LOVE when couples see the value in all that a wedding film can convey. When it's known and felt that we're not producing just a "video" but rather a keepsake and heirloom for yourself and forthcoming generations - it keeps the excitement alive. When Teyoni reached out to me, it was evident that she saw the value in wedding videography and knew that if it could work, she wanted to have one for her family. It was also sweet that her driving factor was to do it for Gantt. These two were a joy to watch become a unit and we are grateful to film their precious moments!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

The rain sincerely tried, and failed! It's bittersweet not being able to control the weather. So, it was sad that Teyoni + Gantt weren't able to have the outdoor ceremony that they had originally planned. Regardless, I really have to say that it didn't change the beauty of their day. They chose to get married at The Atrium in Norcross, GA. We aren't used to shooting locally often - so this was definitely a treat! The venue was the perfect nook, and we enjoyed attending! We also have to give an upfront vendor shoutout to Jessica who was the amazingly thorough coordinator for the evening and Mike who was one of the photographers for the evening. Mike was super friendly, considerate, and beyond professional.

copyright - Bradley Cinema

I think there has to be a time and a place for a grandiose, high-count wedding - however, let's not skip over the more intimate weddings and spaces. This was our first time shooting at The Atrium and we were impressed with the character of the space. Teyoni + Gantt had the perfect color pops of oranges and blue hues to bring it all to life! The garden, although wet from the rain had some really nice areas for couple shots that we were able to utilize later that evening.


The string lights throughout the garden really looked amazing on camera for their couple session prior to the reception!

I just have to brag as this is the first wedding we've seen something of the sort! Their relationship timeline sign was by far the most elegant and unique entrance sign I've seen at a wedding. I hope they hang this somewhere in their house because it's just so lovely!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

Let's all just take a moment to admire just how breathtaking these bouquets are! Those and the programs - elegant!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

The floral centerpieces were breathtaking and the guests were immediately drawn to them. All of the hard work put into crafting together the decor really shows. The colors all work so well together and shine in great detail. Just remarkable!


If you didn't know, now you'll know that I am a big fan of highlighting the cake and desserts! I got to see the cake before they put the finishing touches on it and it was well beautiful and inviting on its own. The colors absolutely made for phenomenal photos and we were excited to partake in the deliciousness as well.


We haven't known Teyoni + Gantt long, but could see that they handcrafted this day as a reflection of just themselves!



Every couple that chooses us to capture their forever moments on film adds a notch to our 'blessing belt.' When planning a wedding, you choose to trust so many vendors who were usually once strangers and that says a lot. But, when we deliver films and couples tell us they LOVED IT and CRIED - it makes all of the pressure, crucial editing, and hard work 1000% worth it every time. We wouldn't trade this at all EVER!

Congratulations again Teyoni + Gantt!




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