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Your favorite weddin filmmakers from Bradley Cinema Weddings



Husband and wife team here. (Nefertiti + Bradley)

So, how did we get here? Bradley sort of stumbled upon filming weddings by accident. lol Years ago one of his friends had this bright idea that even though Bradley had NEVER filmed a wedding before, he thought he'd be a good candidate for filming his sister's wedding since he'd been in the film industry since 2013. Long story short, Bradley agreed and went to film a beautiful 12-hour wedding for the first time alone, which ended up turning out AMAZING.

But how did (Nefertiti) come into the picture?


We met while shopping in the mall one day. To fast forward and cut the story short - we got married in 2017 at a small mansion on a lake. At the same venue, we are now able to film other couples' weddings which melts our hearts.

We started officially filming weddings in 2016 and can say that we have come to love it so much. Watching two people become one at the altar couldn't be more fulfilling than it already is. We love serving people and establishing relationships, so weddings allow us to do just that. We're super laid back, we love to laugh, we're uber-friendly, and always family oriented.

There are so many people to choose from in the world, but you've chosen only one to spend the rest of your life with. On your big day, it also only takes ONE team deserving of capturing those precious forever moments on film. You spend so much time, energy, and money on crafting the perfect wedding day. So we want to be there to craft the perfect wedding film that you can have as an everlasting keepsake of the day you become one with each other.

You're a great fit for us if you're friendly, love to laugh, and value the time, effort, skill set, and price tag it takes to produce a dreamy wedding film just for you. If you're excited to meet us as we are excited to hear from you, simply fill out the form below so we can be in touch to chat about the fabulous deets of your big day! 


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