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Elyssa + Andrew



I was introduced to Elyssa by Melonie with Mindful Sentiments. Melonie let me know that she had a bride searching for videography for her wedding and we were sold from there! When Elyssa and I got to chatting over Facebook messenger, it was evident to me that she was vision driven and her big day would reflect her and her now husband Andrew perfectly. So, I was super happy when they chose us to capture their forever moments on film taking us to the beautiful North Georgia Mountains! Perfect twist from the palm trees we had this year, ha!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

Ah! We have not filmed a wedding in the mountains in a good while and I honestly don't think that Elyssa + Andrew had any idea how much of a treat this was for us. We love nature-filled weddings, so we were quick and happy to hop in our car and drive two hours north to The Willow Falls Resort in Blue Ridge GA! Upon arrival, we were ELATED to see how intimate the property was, and how gorgeously decorated everything was. Thanks can't come full enough for their invite as this will most likely be our LAST wedding of 2022. This one helped us to go out with a bang, and we're so grateful!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

The property was/is breathtaking. It had several cabins with ample space for family stays and activities. Let's not even get to any "by the water" vibes because that just took the cake on everything. Let us be a fly on the wall to stay next time, ha!


Call me bubbly, but this is one of my favorite pre-ceremony pieces to photograph! I have seen the most elegant ceremony signs this year and I hope they actually keep these forever! Frame them or something, ANYTHING! I love it.


copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

For the moment we've all been waiting for, Elyssa + Andrew join themselves together at the altar. Andrew walked down the aisle with their adorable dogs. The officiant, Taryn had us all giggling during the ceremony and she was super sweet/positive. These two also shared some heartfelt vows with one another and the readings integrated by the loved ones of the couple were ones to remember. Did we mention there was a harpist?? Let's do this again tomorrow, K?


This is Elizabeth the lovely and talented Harpist of North Georgia! This was the first time that we have attended a wedding where the selective music was graced to us by someone playing a Harpe. She played so, so magnificently.


copyright - Bradley Cinema

Moving to the reception space indoors, we were practically blown away by all the fine details! Snap pics EVERYWHERE!

Yes any day to a popcorn machine, am I right? And you guys!! To the right was a station where you could pick up the charming pink phone to RECORD A MESSAGE for the bride + groom. This was by far the most unique way for guests to leave a sweet mark on the day that we've ever seen in the seven years we've been filming weddings. It takes the whole cake!


We might've been having too much fun in the photo booth, haha! Never before seen having frames for sweet photos!


A treat for the wedding reception to highlight Andrew's culture was the Hora Loca performance. This is Spanish for "the crazy hour" which is a tradition originally born in Venezuela. This was a party within a party, and a phenomenal one! She was amazingly talented - dancing for like an hour straight and keeping the guests engaged! Totally gold for their video. And of course, we can't part ways in this blog without highlighting the dessert table for the cake! The way this day was crafted together, you can just see how well the fabulous naked cake fit right in. AND it was absolutely delicious (:

To wrap things up, we just want to give a quick vendor shoutout to Andrew with Lustr Studio and Jake with Ledford DJ Services. Andrew was a pleasure to work in sync with for the day, especially during the couple session and you guys know by now that we LOVE photogs! He was super professional, considerate, quick, and talented. Jake kept the party going, he was super friendly, highly professional, and cracked several jokes with us from time to time. Vendors play a huge role in the smooth vibes of the wedding day so we are always happy to highlight the awesomeness when we come across it!


Every couple that chooses us to capture their forever moments on film adds a notch to our 'blessing belt.' When planning a wedding, you choose to trust so many vendors who were usually once strangers and that says a lot. But, when we deliver films and couples tell us they LOVED IT and CRIED - it makes all of the pressure, crucial editing, and hard work 1000% worth it every time. We wouldn't trade this at all EVER!

Congratulations again Elyssa + Andrew




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