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Joan + David



We absolutely needed a couple and a wedding just like this one! Joan reached out to me through - let's all say it together: Facebook messenger. At this point, that's the inside joke for our seasoned blog readers. When she reached out letting me know that her wedding was coming up soon, I just knew based on our conversation that this wasn't going to be an ordinary wedding which increased my excitement. She may not have known my fingers were crossed before the booking was solidified. Ha! So when she was sold just as much as we were, it made for an exciting few weeks up until her big day! I couldn't wait to meet them and see how uniquely crafted this wedding was going to be!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

Joan and David chose this perfect historical nook in the heart of downtown Acworth, GA called The Conservatory at Waterstone. The street alone that the venue was positioned on made sense for the remarkable wedding they were going to have. The venue had so much character on its own, that the decor and moody theme Joan chose just made it come to life so beautifully. The weather was also perfect for a lovely outdoor ceremony right around the other end at back!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

These two are so lock, and fitted key, that it's hard to explain how well they mesh together in the same atmosphere. Their love story is of the most authentic, not forced, and generally laid back that it's documentary worthy. They've known each other for years! Yet, found that sweet place in one another's lives right when the pieces were meant to fall where they may. I'm so honored to be able to capture one of the best days of their lives through a video lens that they can hold onto for years to come. They also made it through the pandemic together! So you know they say that has to mean soulmates!


All of the pictures can't do justice to how eccentric/upbeat Joan and David were at the altar. I had to hold back the laughs so that they wouldn't have to re-watch their video listening to me crack up from all the fun in this space. There were readings integrated throughout the ceremony by several guests from powerful authors and sources. Also, several of the participants including the officiant were close persons to the bride and groom making it a more intimate event!

Realistically, we don't have a preference for wedding atmospheres because every wedding is significantly different from the next making them spontaneously inviting. However; we tend to get couples along the bright and airy vibe often. So, I must continue to find room for compliments on how amazing this moody-styled, sci-fi wedding turned out. These are such fun and diverse territories we don't get to capture or explore often. Nothing we'd ever seen before. LOVED!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

The table decorations were of the same color palettes. However; they were all diversely decorated and that made the theme pop even further. The floral arch pictured to the right where Joan sat to eat and greet guests was impeccable!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

The floral centerpieces were breathtaking and the guests were immediately drawn to them. All of the hard work put into crafting together the decor really shows. The colors all work so well together and shine in great detail. Just remarkable!


The dessert station showcased these delicious treats. The macarons were absolutely the star of the show, and you could just tell how each detail of the wedding meshed so finely with the rest of the decor. Imagine how it'll look on video!


We can't checkout before highlighting the guest book and favor station, can we? Joan and David's guest book signing station was the perfect highlight of them as a couple. They had a magazine-styled program that needs a section of the blog for itself. They also had a book comprised of their engagement photoshoot which shows how cool they are as a couple. They look so fabulous together and chose matchboxes for their guests to take home as favors!


Get in here and look at these two! The magazine-styled program is so sparky and we really appreciated the vendor highlights! Marry Me Magazines totally deserve a shoutout!


Now, to document one of our favorite parts - THE CAKES! The colors were so phenomenal and really matched Joan's dress. If we get to how tasty it was, that would be a story for another day.Ha Simply delicious. In this case, Joan surprised David with this lovely PEZ groom cake! It's a token of how much Joan honors David's character and knows him well!



Every couple that chooses us to capture their forever moments on film adds a notch to our 'blessing belt.' When planning a wedding, you choose to trust so many vendors who were usually once strangers and that says a lot. But, when we deliver films and couples tell us they LOVED IT and CRIED - it makes all of the pressure, crucial editing, and hard work 1000% worth it every time. We wouldn't trade this at all EVER!

Congratulations again Joan + David!




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