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This Is Why You Need a Wedding Film..


A lot of brides open discussions on social media inquiring about whether or not other people think a wedding film is a necessity. While opinions certainly differ- a wedding film is definitely a necessity in regard to the remembrance of one of the best days of your life.

It's about the emotion

When you sift through old photos, the act can definitely bring back so many memories and normally, you would find yourself reminiscing on how you felt about what you see in the photos you are viewing. But, have you ever focused on the inability to access each and every live emotion? Why can't you tap into all of this? Simply because you can't remember. That is where video and movement imperatively come into play because a photo is simply just a frame of past reality. A film on the other hand can give you a moving visual of the actual moment to where you don't have to guess what was happening- you experience it with your emotions.

It's about reliving

When asked, a lot of brides will say that they can't wait to say their vows at the altar and hear their groom cite his as well. This is amazing because your vows are simply the whole driving force of your marriage apart from God because they are guidelines and promises for how you will treat and operate with your spouse. So many brides have also said after their weddings: "I wish I could just live my wedding day all over again." That's what makes a wedding film the perfect keepsake. It allows you to go back to that day and see what you did, hear what you did and experience the emotions over and over again. A lot of couples use their wedding films as a reminder of why they got married during the ups and downs of their marriage. You won't realize how special it is, until you have one for yourself.

It's about remembering

Unfortunately, over time our brains fail us and memories fade. Year by year, we remember less and less details of those moments we never want to forget. There is no doubt that a wedding film is a personal record of a day you never do over the exact same way. In the same breath, eventually your wedding day will become a blur. Having those precious memories captured on film will be your constant refresher. You can go back as little or as many times to that day as your heart will desire. You won't ever have to forget it's outcome.


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