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Rachel + Spencer

Updated: Sep 19, 2022



Some vendors have no interest in last-minute bookings, but here at Bradley Cinema - we're always prepared to hit the road! Rachel and I got to talking on Facebook messenger of course because isn't this like the hang-out spot for us these days? Lol, She let us know that she was getting married in a few short weeks and looking to add videographers to her crew of pros. I always love upfront when brides are willing to answer all of my questions for the onboarding process. Rachel was super sweet and I could tell that she really valued having a wedding film! So, after her, I and spencer hopped on a call to chat, we were SO, so happy they chose US!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

We love to travel and every time our couple's love story takes us somewhere new - we get so excited. This time we get to travel on a nice road trip to sweet home Alabama! We chose to stay at the Hampton Inn + Suites via Saraland, AL. This trip got even sweeter because we were able to bring our 10-month-old to spend time with us and his precious Coastal grandparents whilst we film Rachel + Spencer's big day! So this is a mini family getaway and business trip. Two for one!!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

If you don't know by now, I LOVE barn weddings. There is just something about the rustic decorations and the gentle tones that are handcrafted into styling those lovely event spaces I really adore. Rachel + Spencer chose this beautiful and remarkable wedding venue: Izenstone. The name just rings, but the property was so precious. You can tell that this venue has such vintage character, with modern integrations. Now would be a good time to highlight a star of the show for the day: Amber. Amber is the venue coordinator for Izenstone. The first time we walked through the doors, Amber sweetly greeted us with a friendly smile and I even got to exchange a hug.Ha! Amber displayed the utmost professional demeanor and knowledgeable approach the entire night. She's an amazing leader which is what couples really NEED!


The cross worked into the outdoor ceremony space & was absolutely fitting for the occasion. Rachel and Spencer have a very bold devotion to the Lord and that was made clear with the Christian integrations they molded into their wedding!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

Now, this is very outstanding! We have been filming weddings for seven years and this is the first time that I've seen this at a venue. Izenstone hung a personalized sign for Rachel + Spencer's wedding: This is their last name Wass Est. 2022. Like is this cute or not? The venue changes the sign for EVERY wedding/couple and I'm just blown away by the deets!


These lovely ladies were officially in for a FULL treat. The bridesmaids were so cute trying not to steal a look when Rachel was coming out to reveal her dress to them for their first look! Their reactions were priceless and clearly in aw!


The moment we've all been waiting for is about to happen right beyond these curtains! It was lovely watching the guests strolling in and patiently anticipating the arrival of the bride walking down the aisle. We were excited to capture this too!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

I've mentioned in several blog posts if you've been following for a while, that I really really really LOVE when the officiant or speakers of the ceremony are personal to the bride and groom. In this case, Rachel's Father and Pa' were stealing the hearts of us all with their joy and spiritual wisdom/encouragement. You could tell they were happy and praying for Rachel + Spencer to have a GOD-centered marital future. It makes these moments so much more memorable including family.


copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

They had an Instax camera section at the reception where guests were able to snap a photo of themselves and then clip it to the board. This was sweet because honestly, they could add these to the wedding album for some nice memories of the guests who took out the time to dedicate their attention to one of the BEST days of their lives. We snapped a pic too!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

Now moving on to the reception! They had incorporated photos of themselves at each of the guest tables. They even had a station where guests could add their signature to a blown-up version of a sweet engagement photo of themselves and grab a favor. Love was not only in the air between the bride and groom - but also from friends + fam!


OF course, we can't check out before highlighting the dessert of the evening. We don't always get to see groom cakes at the weddings we've attended, so when we do we're fascinated! I'm loving the ax on wood because it fits the rustic vibes!!


We sadly didn't get to snap a pic with the bride and groom before parting ways, but we did happily get a photo with the amazing photographers we worked with that night! Honestly, we are so blessed. At every wedding, the photogs have been phenomenal. This is Janina and Alex with @loveburdsphotography Their work is epic and they are also a husband + wife team! We absolutely hope to work with them again. Crossing fingers for this epic reunion - new FLORIDA friends! While here, I have to give a shoutout also to the cool DJ Mikey! He was so upbeat and another friendly face in town!!!!



Every couple that chooses us to capture their forever moments on film adds a notch to our 'blessing belt.' When planning a wedding, you choose to trust so many vendors who were usually once strangers and that says a lot. But, when we deliver films and couples tell us they LOVED IT and CRIED - it makes all of the pressure, crucial editing, and hard work 1000% worth it every time. We wouldn't trade this at all EVER!

Congratulations again Rachel + Spencer!



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