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Mr. & Mrs. Mills: Cleveland Mountains

Kristine + Donnie

Sometimes in life, you get to come to the rescue!

We came in contact with an uber-friendly Kristine when she posted a request on thumbtack letting us know that her previous videographer had canceled on her at the last minute. Before we are business people, we are loving Christians! So, instantly I felt sad that they were in need of a videographer on such short notice. I reached out to Kristine and we instantly connected. Let's just say, the next day we hopped in our car to commute to the beautiful mountains via the ruins at Kellum Valley Farm in Cleveland, GA.

Get ready to see some beauty because this couple, the property/landscape, and the fine details are to die for. I really enjoyed seeing their wedding play out and I just knew it was going to be beautiful. They also loved our work so much, that they sent us on an eight-day, seven-night vacation to Sint Maarten! It was the most epic trip, and we're forever grateful!

copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

The lovely signs at the buffet brought a very classy look to the event and the catering staff worked very hard to organize and keep the food heated during the ceremony.


copyright - Bradley Cinema

I feel terrible that I cannot remember what these were called! During the family photos, the remaining guests were able to enjoy this delicious snack alongside some fresh fruit and gourmet cheeses. It doesn't get any more delish than this, does it?


copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

The landscape of the property really brought this gorgeous outdoor ceremony to life. Right around the time, the ceremony was going on, the sun peaked through the clouds a few times and kept all the guests warm! We love to travel to places we've never been with lots of amazing scenery and such. For a last-minute wedding, we get to film, I couldn't have been more happier to be in attendance. Just lovely, elegant, and romantic!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

copyright - Bradley Cinema

Are you as impressed as I am regarding the beautiful decorations and florals? The colors were perfect for a gray sky and a cloudy day. It was even more amazing that it did not rain at all!


I am really always curious to see what couples will come up with for the unity section of their ceremony. As popular as unity candles are, I never get tired of watching them being orchestrated by newlyweds. Who God joins together, let no man separate on this day!


copyright - Bradley Cinema

This is one of my favorite photos! The cake is so simply made but finely done. I could not resist the urge to whip out my camera and take these photos. I would recommend this wedding venue to anyone who is looking for a small, intimate, country, and beautiful outdoor wedding. We are more than happy to have captured their forever moments on film!!





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