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Marci + Ruston


This wedding showcased the definition of love!

I met Marci in early February through FACEBOOK of course- since that is the direct link to most of our amazing couples. When she reached out, she literally told me that she and her fiance had watched all of the films we had on our website at the time and melted! Instantly, I knew she'd be a match. This is because sometimes we get inquiries for videography from brides who never even looked at our work. Unfortunately, they just want to know how much we cost because they are just 'shopping' around for vendors.

I'm totally not trying to be ugly towards those who do this because I know they are busy and searching for vendors can be really tough. However, they are just simply not our ideal brides! Anyway, we chatted back and forth and I was overjoyed when she decided to book us. We love adventurous, upbeat, hilarious, and free-spirited brides who understand what we do and how hard we work to produce a jaw-dropping film for them. I am so blessed to say that we have received nothing less than that with our couples including Marci + Ruston!

They came all the way from Colorado to get married in Athens, GA. Yes, please!

Now, onto the details of course....

Check out this phenomenal-geometrical ceremony arch crafted by groomsmen!


I was anxious to start snapping away with my Canon!

I'm sure that the photographers that were there from Wild Heart Visuals got some amazing detailed shots with this table.


If you thought the name cards table was gorg, check out this cake! The average bride is going to go with the traditional"industry" cake which is going to be like a beautiful and large 2-3 tier.....but with Marci's personality I was expecting nothing less than a simple, yet super chic/boho wedding cake table! Traditions are great....but over the top isn't always everything. I loved it and those cupcakes were drop-dead delish, #yum!


Being a husband and wife team with several cameras has its perks! I'm able to take photos while Bradley records! Here, I was able to capture their amazing first look! Look how happy Marci is!!!!! She is such a stunning bride and Ruston fit her personality like glue! It is such an honour to be able to partake in these sweet moments!




Every couple that chooses us to capture their forever moments on film adds a notch to our "blessing belt." When planning a wedding, you are choosing to trust so many vendors who were once strangers and that says a lot. But, when we deliver films and couples tell us they LOVE IT and they makes all of the pressure, crucial editing and hard work 1,000% worth it.

Congratulations again to Marci and Ruston-

it was an honor and pleasure!


Bradley Cinema


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