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I'ts the Dicky Duo

These two are the cutest!

So, can you believe that hurricane IRMA tried to ruin their wedding? These two were supposed to have a cruise wedding in Florida right around when we started to have several hurricanes and tornadoes. Luckily, she had the support of village-like family and friends to help her plan an alternative wedding.

Joanna's (the bride) sister posted on Facebook saying that they were in a last-minute search for a videographer for their wedding THAT WEEKEND! Since we were in the area, we totally jumped to the idea and they happily booked us the next day for the special event. I was in close contact with her two sisters who were amazing at providing us with all the details of the wedding. It is so special when you can plan these types of events with the love and support of friends and family members.

On that day, we showed up at the beautiful ceremony site at Agnes Scott College Chapel. Their family was dressed so sweetly and we were greeted warmly. When I first met Joey and Jon, I thought they were the cutest couple ever! I really loved their happy personality and their wedding was fun to be a part of!




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