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Down the aisle, Rodriguez style

This wedding was so close to home..

The word sentimental is an understatement. Bradley and I literally got to film a wedding at the SAME mansion we got married at just one month prior. So, we got engaged in June of 2016. While planning our wedding at a small mansion on a lake, I shared a photo in a Facebook wedding group of the outdoor location of the property where I would get married.

This was a small mansion on a lake. I then received a message from Whitney saying that we were getting married at the same place. I could not believe it because it wasn't a traditional venue, it was actually a vacation rental. However, after our conversation, I found out that it was a popular place and ended up meeting four other brides getting married there that same year.

Long story short, Whitney and I instantly connected and began bouncing ideas off of one another. We got married there on March 5, 2017 and her wedding was there on April 2, 2017!

Take a peak at their highlight film, and be just as blown away as they were:


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